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Standard practice is recognized by professionals in the building industry as the best practice in building inspections.

Standard of Practice provides information on the nature and scope of an inspection before buying a property. It provides guidelines for inspection both during the inspection that during the drafting of the report. Standard defines terms relating to building inspection to ensure a uniform understanding.

You will receive a copy of the standard practice prior to the inspection to find out what the building inspector shall inspect and shall not inspect


The "Declaration by the seller of the immovable" is a tool for gathering information to enable the seller to declare his knowledge, the information on the main components of the building and provide documents (invoices, guarantees , reports, plans, permits, etc..) relating to the work performed.

The Building Inspector shall receive a copy of the declaration seller before inspection or you will give him a copy before starting inspection.


To better protect the public, ABIQ enacted a service agreement inspection of buildings and annexes for condominiums and small commercial buildings. The service agreement must be completed and signed before the inspection.

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