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Acquiring a property is a major financial challenge for Canadian consumers. To promote a fair transaction, it is recommended that buyers inspect the property coveted by retaining the services of a building inspector. It will ensure visual defects and give an overview of the expenses of repair and maintenance that the buyer should consider after purchase. The buyer will thus a much more accurate idea of ​​how much it will invest in property before finalizing the transaction and, where appropriate, may require a downward revision of the price or even withdraw its offer to purchase. Also, some sellers do inspect their property before putting it on the market to facilitate the sale and as protection against possible prosecution for hidden defects from buyers .

Why a home inspection?

The report of the inspector will help you assess the repairs required as a priority and in the coming years. This is in some ways an interview guide. The purpose of the home inspection is to give you a better understanding of the condition of the house you are about to buy.

It is strongly advised to be present during the inspection. The inspector will provide you with as and Inspection answers to your questions and comments.

It is important to note that inspection covers the visible and accessible to a building system and components. Such as:

• Structure

• Exterior

• The roof

• Plumbing

• Electricity

• Heating

• Central air conditioning

• Interior

• Insulation and ventilation.

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