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In fact, do a pre-purchase inspection of the house by a coveted Inspector allows to check the status, possibly the state of the electrical system, air conditioning, heating, roofing, foundations, etc.. The pre-purchase inspection allows to have a clear idea about possible interviews or work to do in this house. It also allows sniff out potential problems with the house; however we can not be detect latent defects because, as the name suggests, they are hidden from the buyer. Thus, a buyer who failed to inspect his new home might think, once he lives and emerged a problem that it is a latent defect. If an audit was conducted by an inspector, he could detect this problem and recommend you have it checked further.

The inspector's mission is to provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the house, its components and systems report, possibly with photos and videos. This report will be used thereafter to make an informed decision or to better negotiate with the seller. It may be that you completely give up the desire to buy, or that you reconsider the asking price with good arguments in hand. It is even possible to request cancellation of the purchase process.


Any seller would also benefit to inspect his house by a pre-sale inspection building before putting on the market. Knowledge of disabilities to better assess the market value of the home, taking into account potential investments. This approach will prepare and reassure a prospective buyer and avoid the renegotiation or even the termination of an offer to buy after becoming aware of the inspection report building, reporting a number of items to be corrected. The seller may even proceed to repair his ship before the transaction.


During our pre-reception (new home) or home inspections only a year we see several obvious structural defects, defects that do not meet the requirements of the National Building Code.

During a pre-inspection receipt, we can not see all the stages of construction defects or hide behind finishes.

4 site visits will be conducted and 4 inspection reports will be awarded:

1. Inspection foundations and foundation drainage and before backfill around the house. 2. Inspection during construction of the wooden structure. 3. Inspection before closing the walls and ceilings with gypsum ... inspection of the structure, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation / interior and exterior waterproofing. 4 finale. Inspection called pre inspection receipt.


With thermography, no need to make holes and go digging into the bowels of a house to locate and identify the source of problems. Infrared cameras make it possible to detect disorders masked by coatings without breaking anything!

These very special cameras can spot:

• deficiencies in the seal or the heat insulation of the building envelope

• infiltration of water into a foundation or roof

• Moisture condensation in the wall

• a leak in some heating systems

• etc.


The inspection report will include a separate section for each component of the building has been inspected. In addition, your home inspector will provide you with appropriate recommendations, maintenance tips, relevant technical information, such as some details on the construction of the building and all the pictures related to building inspection.

Your building inspector inputs data and digital photos into a computerized report will be sent within 48 hours after the inspection. All information is provided in the report issued, allowing you to make a confident decision informed the house

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