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A thermal imaging camera is an instrument without a reliable contact that is able to scan and visualize the temperature distribution construction surfaces quickly and accurately. Thermography has contributed to substantial savings for homeowners worldwide. Infrared thermography is the best method to detect energy waste, insulation defects, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspectors' attention allowing him to properly diagnose areas of energy loss or other possible problems.


A thermal imaging camera can quickly and completely scan the buildings and identify problem areas invisible to the naked eye.

This ensures the integrity of the structure and environmental systems, in the context of inspections, repair verification and insurance expertise.


Thermal imaging facilitates, secures and accelerates repair, a much more cost effective than other conventional methods manner. A thermal imaging camera minimizes interventions on the building: it saves time, labor, reduces downtime and repair costs and inconvenience to occupants while accelerating the verification of work .

• Verification of energy efficiency.

• Quickly locate insulation defects and areas of energy loss.

• Verify proper operation of systems.

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